Friday, May 29, 2009

Late Anime North 2009 Pics & Loot

I've been very busy for the last week studying, and i've just decided now to make a new post on my loot. Anime North must have been the best 3 days of the year for me ^0^ Gone to wonderland on the Tuesday, then Anime north during Friday Saturday and Sunday. Many cosplayers this year, and perhaps more otakus.

My weekend pass paid for all 3 days, cuz i preordered with friends. On the friday i went with my anime club from school, takin some of the newbies there for their very first time. We gave lots of tips to those who were planning on spending much, and try to bargain for a lower price. I saved about $100 just by bargaining ^0^ Saturday and Sunday were also amazing as i went with other friends. I didnt expect much or anything new, except for a few new voice actors and events which I only attended some. Nothing is really left to say except that it was better than last year.

Picture quality may be crap for some pics, i was using my cellphone camera >_<

A beautiful warm Friday Afternoon, probably about 20 degrees celcius with no chance of showers. a great way to start off the adventure!

The Anime Club at Anime North 2009 - group pic for the memories and for the mangazine 2009
I'm at front row-left ^0^
*Was FREEZING that night, as the temperature dropped to about 7 or 8 degrees celcius >_<*
The ice cream dinner may have also contributed to the cold feeling... but it is now a tradition for the us to do this after AN ^0^

At the Toronto Congress Centre

Master Chief and Domo-kun ^^;

JJ and his other friend. forgot his name~

Ky and Ozzy, and Mariya's hand

Cute Rin cosplayer!

The one and only Storm Tropper at the convention ^0^
would have been nice to have a haruhi armband ^0^

The only Mio and Yui cosplayers from K-ON!

Awesome Saber cosplay

Gunner Zaku warrior and her friend.

Saw the same Kakashi at the March Anime Con

Mikuru Haruhi and Yuki bunnies were FTW

Some of the few heavily modified model kits shown

Exia with lights

Shin Musha over the RickDoms

The best one there - PG Strike with weathering and battle damage details

Rin cosplayer

I ran after Vegeta down by the Harvey's... HIS POWER'S OVER 9000?!

some random guy with haruhi cosplayers

The Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl cosplayers. WOW they're hot.

some of the maids form the Maid café allowed others to take pictures after the café sessions.

Awesome group of moé cosplayers by the crosswalk by the doube tree hotel

The figures that I've bought at AN except for Haruka Amami at the back

Kotobukiya Rin Tohsaka form Fate/Stay Night was at a bargain price of $25 and i decided to grab her

Kotobukiya Harumi Kouno from To Heart 2 Another days was up for a good price of $30. She's been on my list for a while, and i had to grab her.

Took this pic late at nigh to waste some cellphone batteries.
Kotobukiya Sirakawa Nanaka from Da Capo II and Fuuko Ibuki from Clannad were also up for $30 each.

Fuuko in her trance again

Magnetic fox ears FTW

A fox tail also detachable

some pics of Koto's Sirakawa-san from DC II

Some pics of Koto's Rin Tohsaka

A Sachiel figure that a found for like $3. I always go for cheap stuff :3
A lousy figure, needed some block to keep it standing up. left it for display on my PS2.

Found this Eva unit 01 for $10! vey cheap indeed yet very flimsy. not very poseable, details are great, i love the nice metallic purple finish, but i needed to add some wax to the bottom of the feet since it wont stand up properly, and the ankles dont have jonts >_<
This also comes with a nice positron rifle, a progressive knive, and the rifle as shown.

My fav figure of the loot is Koto's Harumi Kouno from To Heart 2 another days.


Everyone loves the view outside my window ^0^

Fuuko has a new obsession...

Sorry Fuuko ^^;

The girls want to go out for some fresh air

They want a Photoshoot outside sometime ^^;

My CC pillow! no more sleep-deprived nights ^^;

errr too bad its the same pic pic on the other side >_<

My weekend pass ^0^ preordering for $40 is definitely worth it!

this was all my loot for AN 09. Could not find Golden Darkness (Konjiki no Yami) from To Love-RU or Beat Blades Haruka >_<

I sleep with CC along with Harumi and Shirakawa-san on my headboard

Weird how BANDAI made the pillow o_0

LMAO my fav pic of AN! The Power Rangers arent anime, but they were surely awesome many moons ago!