Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Physics Trip to Canadas Wonderland

So today, me and my friends went on a trip to canada's wonderland ^0^ was probably the best trip i ever had.so many roller coasters, but ony one beats them all; BEHEMOTH! Measuring at the max height of 70 metres (230 feet) with the steepest drop at 75 degrees, a top speed of 124 Km/H (77mph) for about 2 minutes, the wait in line is definitely worth it, even though the line up is 10 minutes max. with no loops, but a huge drop, if you can survive this then you can survive a 3 second drop from Drop Zone ^0^ for sure.

we only went on the Behemoth twice as our first ride, with Paul, Dustin, Stephanie, Ramon, Ryan, Nick and Dean. we headed to the Sledgehammer next, which was okay. nothing quite special. Orbital was next on the list, which just spins you in circles in the air. up next on the list was Skyrider i think, which was a roller coaster that forces you to stand up the whole time. we ended up eating a bit too early today, as Ryan and Nick ordered pizza which was quite expensive, and the rest of us ordered a foot-long hotdog ^0^. Being the brave ride-warriors that we are, we took our time walking towards flight deck (formerly known as Top Gun >_<) which put our stomachs to the test. Luckily, none of us threw up. On the way, we ran into Riptide, which is a pendulum that spins you in circles, and you get soaked with water. First run was a dry run, but later on as our last ride of the day we got in on the wet runs. Up next was either Vortex, which took you around the park, or the Bat, which goes down like a normal roller coaster, then when you reach the end point, you're riding backwards. Was also very loud. Right after that, we went into Drop Tower ^0^ probably the second favored ride in the park. A free fall drop for 3 seconds at 200 feet in the air was amazing ^0^. Then, we all decided to get wet at some point, going on Timberwolf falls, and the White Water Canyon. So after all the rides and splashes, we had to eat. So we ended our day eating Funnel Cake! we changed into dry clothes, then it was off to go home. 

What an awesome day! All thats left not is... ANIME NORTH on Friday ^0^ 

Paul playing ParaPara Dancing. works like DDR, except you're using your hands with censors around you. pretty cool!

some fish in the pond. loved this area when i was little ^0^

Played with the UFO catcher for a moment for a pikachu~

Drop Zone - I conquered my fears after 4 years ^0^

Chill time at the Arcade with some ice cream

Our reaction to Paul, Dustin and Dean who got soaked first out of all of us ^0^
they were sitting at the back.

Being tired and cold for the remainder of the trip, we just sat, ate funnel cake, and watch Ryan, Dean and Nick breakdance.

our pokemon prizes from the wack-a-mole game stand

more pics at my flickr