Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Jack Darling Park Reunion 2009

Reunion at last! it has been almost a full year since many of us got together again. Took place at Jack Darling park by Lakeshore, same place as last year, but was originally planned for Promenade park this year.. Many people missing this year, but was still worth it. Despite the engrish homework I had for the summer school classes, I could not miss out on this day. Not much to explain on this blog post, but was an epic day.

Picture taken by me at the beach. Risked my camera for a good shot!

Our cook Joseph ^^;

We all gather around the grill for burgers, bbq, and hot dogs ^^;

BBQ was awesome xD

one random pickle in there o_0

LOL moments...

Burger was great too ^^;;

The girls ^^;

the guys weren't in the mood for group pics, so we all scrambled around as someone took pics for us.

The walk to the bus stop on the way to port credit GO station, then to SQ.

Headed to Bubble Republic along Eglinton and Hurontario ^^;

The LOL moment of the day...
...when the seagull ate the flaming piece of BBQ xD