Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Vacation!

Summer Vacation is here! With the successful completion of grade 11, I can now relax and catch up on sleep (for the next two weeks atleast).

*Scroll down for pics if you dont want to hear about my CRAZY exam week*

The first two weeks of June have been so crammed full of studies, I had almost no time for anime and rarely had a chance to update my blog. The final four exams were chemistry, physics, biology, and health. I managed to destroy chemistry, but physics the next day was messed up. Why? I studied so hard to get a 90 in the course, but then the UNEXPECTED happened! (Sorry, news story link has expired >_<). The whole school was all over the news, and radio during noontime. During the lockdown, everyone in physics was talking about the exam, asking others what they got. After about an hour and twenty minutes later, the swat team arrived at our class. o_0 WTF?! 0_o The first thing that came to mind, was a crazy gunman was around somewhere. Loaded with M4 rifles and MP5 SMG's and full body armour, we were all in amazement and awe as we were escorted out of the building to a safer location. Everyone acted like little anime school girls; staring and excited.
The majority of the class was on page 6-7 of 12 on the exam, and was left unfinished. So we ended up getting the marks we received on out culminating projects as our final mark, and I know now that for sure I've got over 80 in the course ^^. Although I'm still quite pissed that the exam was terribly easy, didn't finish and yet studied so hard >=| The bio exam took a while, but was fairly simple, and so was health on Friday.
I 'm glad atleast that I was able to take on all three sciences head-on. Thats an accomplishment, a challene that very few would do, and I'm proud of it ^0^;;

And so, here's some pics i took on a beautiful Friday afternoon at my back yard with some of my figures ^^;; (Note: cellphone camera used, and blogger couldnt show the hi-rez RGB quality from Photoshop this time >_<. Will fix this problem next time).